About HD Wave for MAC

HD Wave Live Broadcaster for Mac users allows you  to stream standard or High-Definition video without the need for proprietary equipment. Using a camera or video source, users only need to select the broadcast channel to go LIVE in HD on their Macs.

Available right from the iTunes App Store, Mac users no longer have to resort to third party broadcasters to stream from Macs. This desktop application has a simple-to-use interface, allowing broadcasts of up to 1080p HD video quality. The HD Wave software captures video in real time via Thunderbolt input and automatically records the stream on the local hard drive, allowing for broadcasters to edit the footage using their favorite programs.

Check the following manual pages in order to find more information on:

MAC Hardware specifications are:

  • Mac OS X 10.7
  • Intel® Core Duo® 2.66GHz or faster processors (or equivalent) & 2GB of RAM