WordPress links

Important: Starting with WordPress version 3.5, Links Manager is not available for new installs. If you are upgrading from a previous version of WordPress with any active links, the Links Manager will continue to function as normal. If you would like to restore the Links panel to your install, you may download and install the Links Manager plugin.

You have the possibility to store a set of external links, which can be put into categories, imported, exported, added, deleted, and edited. The link categories can also be added, deleted, and edited.

To view the list of links you have stored, click on the All Links button under Links chapter in the navigation menu.

iptv network wordpress links management


The Links page will open as you can see in the picture below, and we will explain each option:

iptv network wordpress links management

1. Click here to add a new link.

2. Click on the drop-down list to select an action for a group of links: bulk actions or delete.

3. Click here to apply the option you have selected at no 2.

4. Click on the drop down list to select what categories of links you want to see listed: all categories or blogroll.

5. Click here to filter the search for the category selected at no 4.

6. Type the name of a certain link you want to search and then click the search button.

7. Check this box if you want to select all the links.

8. In this column you can see the name of the links.

9. In this column you can see the URL of each link listed in the grid.

10. In this column you can see the category to which the link was assigned.

11. In this column you can see the XFN relationship for the link.

12. In this category you can see if the link is visible or not.

13. In this column you can see the rating of the link.