HD Wave on Touchscreen Broadcaster

Streaming platform HD Touchscreen Broadcaster is an all-in-one portable broadcasting unit. It has integrated the new HD Wave touch version that does not require proprietary hardware, and allows instant live streaming in HD quality at the touch of the screen.

Follow the steps described in this page in order to broadcast using HD Wave from the Touchscreen Broadcaster:

1. Set up the broadcaster unit.

2. Install the drivers.

3. Run HD Wave.



Set up the Broadcaster unit

1. Plug in the power cable to the back of the broadcaster unit.

2. Plug in the Ethernet cord to the back of the broadcaster unit.

3. Plug in a mouse, a keyboard, and a monitor to their aright ports in the back of the broadcaster unit.

Note: you need to install an external monitor other than the provided touch screen in order to install the drivers for the MIMO Mini Monitor.

4. Make sure the Master Power Switch is in the “ON” position and then turn the broadcaster on.

5. Follow the on-screen setup instructions for registration and computer setup.

Note: the Windows product key can be found on a Genuine Microsoft license sticker located on the side panel near the front of the mini PC.

6. Continue the setup process and follow the on-screen instructions.


Once the setup process is completed, the next step is to install the drivers.


Install the Drivers

1. Open the disk drive on the front of the broadcaster and insert the MIMO Installation Software disk.

2. Run the disk and an installation menu will pop up.

3. Install the USB Monitor Device Driver first by itself and follow the on-screen instructions.

Note: when the installation is complete, restart the mini PC.

4. Run the disk in the drive and start the installation menu again. This time select to install the Touch Screen Driver. A UPDD Install Window will appear, select to install the SJT, USB option and follow the on-screen instructions.

Note: when the installation is complete, restart the broadcaster.

5. When the computer starts up again, right-click on your desktop and select screen resolution. Select the touch screen monitor. Choose to set it as the main display from the check box at the bottom of the page and then click Apply these settings button. Remember what monitor number is the MIMO display.

6. In the system tray, right-click and run the UPDD Console (Pointer Device Setting). Choose Hardware and click the top option to the right, it will either read Handling Whole Desktop or Handling Monitor 1. Select the monitor number of the installed MIMO that you looked up from the Screen Resolution page earlier.

7. To set the calibration, click Calibration and “Calibrate” in the bottom left corner. Go through the process of setting the calibration by touching the small crosses and confirm your settings.

Your drivers for the MIMO Mini Monitor are now installed and setup.Turn off the broadcaster and unplug the additional monitor (first monitor installed and not MIMO device) and the mouse from the back of the broadcaster.

Turn the broadcaster back on and you will be able to use the touch screen as your main display with the mini PC.



The latest version of HD Wave broadcasters comes preloaded, so all you need to do is to touch the desktop icon and run the application:

hd live stream on touch screen broadcaster


The application will open and you can run HD Wave broadcaster by a simple touch:

hd live stream on touch screen broadcaster