About broadcasting on radio channels

We offer multiple broadcast options for your streaming radio station. With 3rd party DJ software, you can manually select the audio you wish to air on your radio station as well as broadcasting the signal from the microphone on your laptop or computer.

You can become a professional DJ and stream live on Streaming platform radio channels from the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is select one of the applications that best suits your interests and configure the settings.

At the moment we have tested and incorporated several applications which work perfectly with our channels: Winamp, Virtual DJ 7, SAM broadcaster, Mixx, Airtime for linux

In this chapter you can find more details on:

When configuring a radio broadcasting application, it is very important to insert the correct settings from your user dashboard: server address, stream ID, DJ port and user credentials.

You can also add external radio stream URLs that will ingested and play on the channel.

Note: only HTTP and HTTPS server addresses are allowed.