About WordPress

WordPress is web software you can use to customize your website or blog. You can upload videos or channels directly from Streaming platform and you also have many other functionality, all described in this chapter.

If you want to know more about how WordPress functions, just click on the desired link and the page will open in another tab:

1. Access and Log in

2. All posts

3. Add New Post

4. Categories

5. Tags

6. Media Library

7. All Links

8. Add New Link

9. Link Categories

10. Add New Page

11. All Pages


13. Themes

14. Widgets

15. Menus

16. Theme Options

17. Background

18. Header

19. Users management

20. Tools

21. General Settings

22. Writing Settings

23. Reading Settings

24. Discussion Settings

25. Media Settings

26. Permalinks

27. Contact & Privacy

28. Facebook page photos

29. Streaming platform Channels

30. Streaming platform Videos

31. All in one Favicon

32. Network Admin Dashboard

33. Live stream on Facebook

34. Add new WordPress theme

35. Using your own domain

36. WordPress widgets detailed

37. How to change the default WordPress logo


 Important notes:

  • When the WordPress Module is delivered to our clients, Streaming platform is not responsible for the plugins further added by the client. Any damage caused by installing plugins or upgrading plugins is not our responsibility. Our team can assist you on fixing these issues on billable terms.
  • When issues occur due to client modifying the WordPresscode (plugins, themes), the client needs to inform Streaming platform team and we will investigate and fix the issue on billable terms.