Manage tags

In order to manage the tags for your NextGEN gallery, click on Tags link, under Gallery menu:



Once the page opens, you can manage the image tags for the NextGEN gallery:

1. Insert here the text of a tag you want to search and then click the Go button to start the search.

2. Click here to view the list of most popular tags.

3. Click here to view the list of least used tags.

4. Click here to view the list of tags sorted in alphabetical order.

5. Here you can insert the tag you want to rename.

6. Insert here the new name of the tag.

7. Click here to rename the tag.

8. Insert here the name of a tag you want to delete.

9. Click here to delete the tag.

10. Enter here the tag name to edit and its new slug.

11. Insert here the slug for the tag.

12. Click here to edit the tag slugs.

Note: you can edit, rename or delete multiple tags at the same time, by separating them with commas.