News Ticker on channel pages

Broadcasters have the option to customize their video or radio channel pages using News Ticker feature. This feature allows broadcasters to share important news with their channel viewers and listeners, to advertise events, to promote external websites like their own blogs or Facebook pages.

News Ticker is displayed on all types of players (Flash or HTML5) and can be viewed by all your audience. It is also displayed on your channels on WordPress site.

There is no limit on the ticker’s length. If the text content of the ticker is longer than the display box, or there are several news tickers, the content will be split into multiple lines displaying the entire text.

The text color and background of the news ticker is blue by default and cannot be changed.

On Edit video channel page or Edit radio channel page, on Publishing section, users can customize the News Ticker:


1. Check this radio button to enable News Ticker options.

2. Check this radio button to display News Ticker above the player.

3. Check this radio button to display News Ticker below the player.

4. Insert here the date of the news ticker entry.

5. Insert here the URL you want users to be redirected to when clicking on it.

6. Insert here the content you want to be displayed on the News Ticker.

Note: this section has a space automatically inserted at the beginning of the News ticker text. You cannot remove it or add more space.

7 Click here to add a new Ticker entry.

8. Click here to save the details.

9. Click here to delete the News Ticker entry.


News Ticker display on Channel page


1. Here you can see the date of the News Ticker entry set in Edit Channel page.

2. Here you can see the content of the News Ticker, displayed in slide mode.


Publish News Ticker channel on WordPress blog

Broadcasters who have access to the WordPress module, can share their Streaming platform channels on their web blog. Once the News Ticker is configured on the channel, it will also be displayed on WordPress blog: